First-round of Grant Projects Launched

Prosperity Fund China Energy and Low Carbon Economy Programme (CELCEP) launched its first-round of grant projects in Beijing on 10 September 2020. The first round call for bids, launched in Nov 2019, attracted 270 applications from China, the UK and the US. After a robust evaluation process, 27 applications were successfully awarded.

group pic 1009 event small.jpg

Ms. Julia Nolan, Head of the International Energy Unit at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)  and Ms. Pan Huimin, Division Director of the International Cooperation Department at the National Energy Administration (NEA) acknowledged these projects would strengthen UK-China Clean Energy Partnership and support international sustainable development in their opening speech. Implementers of awarded projects shared how their work would contribute to China’s low carbon transition as well as COP26 in Glasgow next year.

Jessica Henry, Head of Energy Team at the British Embassy Beijing, introduced the UK’s approach to COP26 and delivered the message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

We owe it to future generations to build back better and base our recovery on solid foundations, including a fairer, greener and more resilient global economy.” 

Jessica emphasized that tackling climate change is a clear priority for the UK Government and the UK will continue to take a leading role on Net Zero and Climate Change, working closely with international partners such as China to drive the global transition to a cleaner future.